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"Speak2easy Language Learning Expert" V3.07 Released, click here to download.

Speak2easy Language Learning Expert is a powerful language learning software, not only with all basic functions, like playback, recording, repeating, comparing and so on, but also with many characteristic and creative functions, such as: Automatic sentence hunting ; Visible sound waveform display; Automatic and manual repeat in unlimited time; Original and recorded sound waveform contrast; Left and right sound track contrast; Self-defined Study method; Original and translated text display; dictation practice; Course file list management; Courseware making; Support most popular audio and video format such as Audio CD, MP3, Realmedia, WAV, etc.. It is the best tool to help you conquer foreign language.

Product Features List
  • Automatic Sentence Hunting
    On the basis of the most advanced multimedia software technology, Speak2easy can accurately hunt stop points between two sentences, and automatic collect stop point information, comparing with other software, it does not need you to do it manually. So it saves time and is convenient and efficient.
  • Sound Visible Wave Form Display
    Each sentence is displayed with a corresponding visible waveform. The invisible sound is turned into a visible waveform that can be seen and operated. You can also select a waveform zone to listen and repeat it if you cannot catch one of phrases of the sentence.
  • Original and Recorded Sound Wave Form Contrast
    By repeatedly comparing the waveform of the original sound with recorded sound, the learner can gradually correct the inaccurate place with pronunciations. Pronunciation can be progressively perfected.
  • Left and Right Sound Track Contrast
    Speak2easy will play the original and recorded sound at the same time in your earphone's right and left sound track separately, and find and correct the mispronunciation in time, then progressively make the pronunciation close to pure original sound.
  • Self-Defined Study Method
    What is "Study method"? It's a study procedure designed by yourself.
    For example, you can make the system playing as following steps:
    1) Play the original sound twice;
    2) Wait for a few seconds for you to dictate;
    3) Record and compare the original with recorded sound three times;
    4) Finally show the original text and translated text.
    You can learn according to these methods after you have set up some parameters. Everybody can define their own study methods according to one's own taste.
  • Original Text and Translated Text Display
    Each sentence not only has corresponding original text but also has translated text, and you can hide the text too.
  • Simple and Clear Operation Interface
    Speak2easy is very easy to learn and use. You can know how to use it without reading help file. The convenient shortcut key makes your operation more quickly and efficient.
  • Numerous Supported File Format
    Speak2easy has already supported lots of file format. Such as: Audio CD, MP3, Realmedia, WAV, MPG, AVI, WMA, ASF, DAT, and so on. At the same time, it can also play .S2E files, the Speak2easy's self-defined courseware format.
  • Varied courseware resources
    The web site offers abundant courseware for learner to use. You can make your own courseware through the Courseware Maker too, or share with other learners.
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