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Product Speak2easy Language Learning Expert
Size 1.83M
Latest Version V3.05 (For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)
Host Server Canada Server
Introduction Speak2easy Language Learning Expert is a powerful language learning software, not only with all basic functions, like playback, recording, repeating, comparing and so on, but also with many characteristic and creative functions, such as: Automatic sentence hunting; Visible sound waveform display; Automatic and manual repeat in unlimited time; Original and recorded sound waveform contrast; Left and right sound track contrast; Self-defined Study procedure; Original and translated text display; dictation practice; Course file list management; Courseware making; Support most popular audio and video format such as Audio CD, MP3, Realmedia, WAV, etc. It is the best tool to help you conquer foreign language.
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Download Speak2easy Courseware Maker
Size 1.6M
Version V3.05 (For Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP)
Speak2easy Courseware Maker V3.06    
Make your own coursewares.

Download DirectX 8.1
Download from Microsoft Website
Microsoft Webstie
From Local Host (for Windows 98/ME 11M)
From Local Host (for Windows 2000 7M)
If your Window doesn't install DirectX, such as some old version Windows: Window98/ME/2000. Please download and install it in your computer. But for Windows XP/2003 users. You don't need to install DirectX.

Download Realone Player
Size 10M
Version V10 (For Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP)
Local Host Real.Com Website
If you need to play Realmedia format file (*.ra; *.rm; *.ram) with Speak2easy, please download and install it in your computer.